Hitting the Turf

One of the struggles of being a new homeowner is having to deal with that tedious grass, especially during the changing seasons. Thanks to Turf Distributors that dying grass can be a thing of the past. Whether you were using it for your home needs or just to avoid those killer weeds, Turf Distributors Turf is perfect for any environment. Along with this grass looking fine it is also non-toxic, good for the environment, and perfectly safe for family and pets. Another positive aspect to this Turf is that it’s allergen-free allowing for more canine fun and your children to enjoy themselves freely with no itching. Give yourself a break from constant maintenance dealing with brown and dying grass and live freely with little to no maintenance with your turf yard. This artificial grass is completely weatherproof and can be used in many different environments, making you the envy of your neighborhood. While your neighbor’s struggle with tedious lawn maintenance and a high water bill yours will drastically drop allowing for more enjoyment elsewhere. California water bills are going up drastically but also making you cut down on your water usage, so instead of having a limit or paying extra a lot of family there changing to a natural Turf and Lawn which looks beautiful and allows for more versatility. whether it is on a patio, your child play area, a space just for your pets and an easy poop clean up, or used as a walkway between your car and your front door, a Turf Lawn can benefit you in much more than just looking good. A lot of people would like to go sit in their yard without having to deal with itchy hives or bugs crawling all over you and now you can, so think about this Turfgrass the next time you are dealing with those pests bugs and itchy allergies.

Another great feature of having her grass if you can use it for many different scenario such as Sports, or even a very nicely groomed putting range. The benefits of having your own putting green will take strokes off of your game without having to go to the club to practice. Having your green customized to your preferences whether it be stroke, speed, bunkers,slopes, or anything of your desire to make your range perfect. For reference check out the First Tee golf course that we did in San Francisco, to meet their golfing needs and preferences on this now low maintenance range. With our knowledgeable and professional design team, they are qualified and can help you choose the best artificial grass for your needs and specs. You will be very content with your new piece of land built specifically for your needs, making you the envy of all of your golfing Buddies and neighbors. Turf Distributors turf is the master in yards, dog areas, putting greens, and outdoor living space. So do not hesitate to call, or come in for a visit to discuss possible turfs for you and your needs.

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Eliminate Yard Spring Cleaning with Artificial Grass

Spring Has Sprung And Now It’s Time To Clean Up The Yard with the help of Artificial Turf Source.

Whenever the first signs of spring appear, adults act like little kids and cannot wait to get out in the yard. Though some adults still like to play in the dirt, getting the yard ready for the warmer weather can be a daunting task after the long winter months. However, homeowners with artificial grass will be setting up their lawn furniture as soon as spring has sprung. 

Less work and more fun

There is always some clean up that does need to be done after old man winter has gone away. No matter how much you love to mow, that first mowing of the season is always a difficult one. Not to mention you will have weeds that need to be pulled, bare spots to attend to, fertilizer to apply and the cycle will continue throughout the spring. Just maybe, there is something better.

Just leave it

Yes, you could skip the spring cleanup and go with the natural look. But is that the look you want to go with? Neighbor Joe has the grill going and their lawn is lush and the kids are having a good time playing baseball. How much fun is your rock garden going to be? 

A beautiful landscape is possible

Do you want to look out the patio door and see “natural” looking yard? Wouldn’t you be more excited over seeing a lush, green yard? Yes, of course, you would. Artificial grass can solve a lot of problems. It will eliminate those bare spots where grass never grows. It can be placed on those slopes and hills that are extremely hard to mow. There is no need to water or maintain. Not only will it save time, but it is also a great way to conserve water and energy. And after all of that, if you still want to play in the dirt, now you have time to attend to a beautiful garden.

I have pets, can I still get artificial turf?

As a homeowner you may like the look and durability of artificial turf. You may also have dogs or cats and wonder if the turf will stand up to your pets. Turf materials are safe for pets and the rain will wash away any dirt that gets on the turf. If there is leftover debris is can be removed with a hose. There are several forms of turf that are stain resistant, odor resistant, and can dry quickly. Introducing Artificial Grass Recyclers with turf at more than half the price.

 If you do not decide to purchase a special turf any turf is safe for use with pets. You will not have to worry about muddy paws on your floors.


 There are different drainage designs to this turf and all of them will work with pets. The two mains types are hole punch and coffee filter drains. A turf advisor will help you determine which type is best for your home and your needs. The turf has its own drainage system. Water will be able to go down the surface of the turf and through several layers including asphalt and graded aggregate. There is an actual drainage system that will help the turf from flooding and water from forming puddles on the turf. 


 Any debris should be removed. All you need to do is wash it down with a hose and the rain will be able to take care of the rest. Turf is designed to be low maintenance which makes it a top choice for homeowner. 

 Infill or No Infill?

 Infill is an acrylic coated green sand that as antimicrobial properties also known as black rubber crumbs. This is put between the blades of the turf. This can help the turf clean and make it feel soft. If you purchase turf designed for pets you will not need the infill. 

 You love your pets and want them to be able to play outside. You also want a nice looking lawn. You may have learned that pets with grass seed and sowing does not work out. You can find a solution that will work out great. Turf will allow the pets to play outdoors and you will be able to have a lawn that looks great and stays green.

 You and your pet will love this synthetic grass. A turf expert will come and help you find the type of turf that will work out best for you needs and your pets.

Artificial grass can help with critters

One of the worst things that you can experience when it comes to yard maintenance is when you work all weekend to make your yard look amazing only to notice a patch of thinned or dead grass in between all of your fresh and healthy blades. Or maybe you are going around and mowing down the tall blades of grass only to notice some holes in your yard when you finish. That can only mean one thing, some critters have gotten into your yard and made themselves comfortable. On top of all of that, there are also the bugs that infest your yard and make it miserable. If only there was a way to make all of this stop. What if I told you that there was a way?

Artificial grass can help keep bugs and other unwanted critters out of your yard so you will never have to worry about nests or baby animals roaming freely throughout your property. But why use artificial grass instead of a bug spray or an animal repellent? Good question.

Think about the chemicals in the sprays and repellents that you would usually use in this case. If they are made specifically for outdoor use, they probably won’t hurt your yard. But is that something that you are willing to risk? And even if so, this will only last about a week before the bugs and animals come back.

If you replace your grass with artificial grass it takes away the threat all together, you can also find a company like Biltright that can do putting green installation. These bugs and animals have nothing to gain from artificial grass because there is no ground underneath it to dig in. There is no food source, and it’s not a good place to put shelter.

Not to mention, if you get artificial grass installed you can also cut down a lot of your outdoor work. You won’t have to mow or water your yard anymore as this grass doesn’t turn an awful yellow if it doesn’t rain for a week. So go ahead, get rid of those unwanted pests and give yourself some free time in your new, critter free yard.

Pets and Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Liquidators has created the most reliable and nature friendly fake artificial grass in the industry. Artificial lawns are great for the environment as well as your pet. The artificial grass that Artificial Grass Liquidators has created will always be low maintenance and has a low rate of repair. Animals need a safe, clean and reliable area to play in as well as exercise. Upon installing the artificial lawn Artificial Grass Liquidators will stand by the lawn that they install. 

The artificial lawns that Artificial Grass Liquidators will install can withstand more than one pet. Please understand that all waste is distributed through the lawn to the earth below. There is no catch net at the bottom of the artificial lawn. This is the reason that the lawns remain to be clean after years of being installed. Pets need to have other pet friends. This lawn will allow for your pet to entertain company as needed. Allowing your pet to burn energy outside in this safe environment will allow for the pet to have a healthier life and ability to develop relationships with other animals and people. 

Another developed area that consumers invest in with Artificial Grass Liquidators is a dog pen area. The dog pen area is one area in your yard that we place the artificial grass down and we develop this into a play area for your pet. This area is the best thing in the world for your furry friends. This allows the pet to get exercise to keep their limbs and joints healthy. This area will be easier to keep clean and sanitary for the pet. Allowing the pet to get out of the house daily is so important. They require exercise just as we do. 

Artificial Grass Liquidators is the way to go when looking to install the best artificial lawn all around. The lawn is low to no maintenance. The surface does not wear down. However, if you are using this artificial lawn as a pet area then you must remember that a light cleaning will be required regarding feces in the area. The artificial lawn has been developed to release fluids to the earth below. However, at times some things do not wash through. However, this will rarely be an issue. Get your artificial lawn today through Artificial Grass Liquidators and have no worries about prepping your lawn for these wintery months ahead. We stand by our products so if at any time a repair is needed or you have a question, we are always here to give any answers that you may need about out Artificial Grass Liquidators products.