I have pets, can I still get artificial turf?

As a homeowner you may like the look and durability of artificial turf. You may also have dogs or cats and wonder if the turf will stand up to your pets. Turf materials are safe for pets and the rain will wash away any dirt that gets on the turf. If there is leftover debris is can be removed with a hose. There are several forms of turf that are stain resistant, odor resistant, and can dry quickly. Introducing Artificial Grass Recyclers with turf at more than half the price.

 If you do not decide to purchase a special turf any turf is safe for use with pets. You will not have to worry about muddy paws on your floors.


 There are different drainage designs to this turf and all of them will work with pets. The two mains types are hole punch and coffee filter drains. A turf advisor will help you determine which type is best for your home and your needs. The turf has its own drainage system. Water will be able to go down the surface of the turf and through several layers including asphalt and graded aggregate. There is an actual drainage system that will help the turf from flooding and water from forming puddles on the turf. 


 Any debris should be removed. All you need to do is wash it down with a hose and the rain will be able to take care of the rest. Turf is designed to be low maintenance which makes it a top choice for homeowner. 

 Infill or No Infill?

 Infill is an acrylic coated green sand that as antimicrobial properties also known as black rubber crumbs. This is put between the blades of the turf. This can help the turf clean and make it feel soft. If you purchase turf designed for pets you will not need the infill. 

 You love your pets and want them to be able to play outside. You also want a nice looking lawn. You may have learned that pets with grass seed and sowing does not work out. You can find a solution that will work out great. Turf will allow the pets to play outdoors and you will be able to have a lawn that looks great and stays green.

 You and your pet will love this synthetic grass. A turf expert will come and help you find the type of turf that will work out best for you needs and your pets.